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Japanese, Scientific & Technical Japanse classes

Japanese, Scientific & Technical Japanese classes are held every semester. Please see the News section for the information of the Orientation and schedule for this semester.


The IEED offers various services concerning with Japanese language education, orientation, personal and academic advice and arrangement of social meetings.


The main missions of IEED are:
- Establishing information infrastructure to support international exchange and transferring the accumulated knowledge to our school, staff and students.
-Counseling for international students as well as training Japanese tutors to help international students in their daily lives and studies.
-Encouraging and assisting our students to undertake study programs abroad (orientation, information, application, counseling, English conversation & writing classes, TOEFL, etc.)
-Promoting innovations via exchange of scholars for lectures and participations in conferences.
-Promoting social, cultural and academic events (international parties, excursions, seminar).
-Implementing and encouraging novel forms of international activities.

Useful Link for International Students and Scholars: