2024年度 学生アンバサダー募集!/ 2024 SoE Student Ambassador

2024年度工学部・工学研究科学生アンバサダー登録者募集!/ 2024 SoE Student Ambassador




The International Office of the School of Engineering hosts overseas guests and conducts PR activities for the School of Engineering. As a student ambassador of the School of Engineering, you provide information and support for hosting overseas guests, conduct tours of campus facilities, explain the department structure and student demographics, as well as offer insights into Japanese culture.

The number of visit requests from overseas institutions is increasing, with varying purposes and scales. These requests range from large student groups to only a few faculty members.

We are seeking motivated students from the School of Engineering and the Graduate School of Engineering to serve as ambassadors, assisting us in promoting a memorable experience for our guests about our university, the city of Sendai, and Japan. Please check the Web site for the details.

2024 学生アンバサダー / Ambassador Info

応募資格/ Qualifications



Students of the school of Engineering and Graduate School of Engineering (excluding non-regular students)

We welcome students who are willing to work flexibly, regardless of their year, department, or level of English.

応募方法・期限/ How to apply ・ Deadline


If you are interested, please apply using the Application Form.

応募フォーム/ Application Form


The deadline is May 17, 2024.