Chongqing University Visited Us

In the middle of January, we welcomed a group of 45 students from Chongqing University (China) to the School of Engineering. Chongqing University is one of our University-level partner university. We have been continuing active research collaborations through solid partnerships for over 20 years.

During their 4-days stay in Sendai city, they attended 2 engineering lectures and listened eagerly. Moreover, the participants visited 3 laboratories in the Department of  Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and learned their latest research.

On Thursday, we organize social and cultural events. First of all, Tohoku students made gave presentations on student life in Sendai city based from their experiences. After that, the participants enjoyed Kimono dress-up as a Japanese cultural experience. They were very quick to learn the procedures and looked very elegant in Kimono.


After enjoying Japanese culture, Mr. Wang Meng, a Chongqing University student presented the highlights and culture in Chongqing city and student life in their university. While both Tohoku and Chongqing University students savored cultural interactions through the presentations and talking, they promoted greater mutual understanding between China and Japan.

On the last day of their visit, the participants took a lesson on Japan’s language culture. They seem to have realized that while the languages and culture have many points in common there are also many differences between them.

 We were very pleased to have Chongqing students on campus to learn more about Tohoku University. We hope this stay was beneficial for them to know Tohoku University and Japan.謝謝!