Short-term Visiting Trainee

Short-term Visiting Trainee is a status for short-term training for visitors who can stay in Japan up to 90 days with temporary visitor’s visa (*required for certain countries). The purpose of Shot-term Visiting Trainee is to participate in the “seminar” and does not include “researches” and actual “courses with credits”.

Application Steps

Finding a Supervisor
【Reference】 Academic Research Staff
Email and get consent to join the lab.
① CV, ② One-page personal statement,③ Internship/Training plan
State clearly in email
Basic information (Full name, home institution and position/status),period you would like to attend SoE-TU (From when to when),purpose of visit (experience, internship, training, etc.)
Submit application documents to the administrative office through the supervisor no later than two-month before your visit to SoE-TU.
Visa (if necessary), Accommodation, etc.
【Reference】TU Support
Travel to Japan and visit SoE-TU

※ Supervising by your preferred supervisor is not guaranteed.

    • Please note that the short-term visiting trainee cannot apply for Tohoku University dormitories.
    • To prepare for sudden illness or injury during your stay in Japan, enroll in a
      travel insurance that covers the following, and submit a photocopy of your
      insurance certificate with your application form for your visit.
      – Medical care for personal illnesses and injuries
      – Liability
      – Relief/Rescue Expenses

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