Research Student

If you don’t have a student status at any institution and would like to work on research under the supervision of SoE-TU faculties, you can enter as an “Undergraduate Research Student” or a “Graduate Research Student”. Both undergraduate and graduate research students usually prepare for the entrance exams/admission for the degree program as well as getting used to Japanese culture during this period.

Application Steps

Find a Supervisor
【Reference】Academic Research Staff
Email and get consent to join the lab.
① CV, ② One-page personal statement, ③ Research plan
State clearly in email
Basic information (Full name, home institution and position/status), period you would like to attend SoE-TU (From when to when),purpose of visit (experiments, preparation of admission to the degree program, etc.)
Submit application documents to the administrative office through the supervisor
VISA, Accommodation, etc.
【Reference】TU Support
Travel to Japan and start your program at SoE-TU

※ Supervising by your preferred supervisor is not guaranteed.

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