Why Tohoku?

  1. Research Opportunities
    School of Engineering, Tohoku University (SoE-TU) has more than 200 laboratories including cooperative and related laboratories, and there are plenty of research opportunities. The research opportunity gives you firsthand experience to work on cutting edge research.
  2. Practical Research & Education
    The SoE-TU is dedicated to creating new social values and to educating students for leaders in complex world. The cutting-edge researches and great inventions in Tohoku University, for instance KS steel (Prof. Honda), Yagi-Uda antenna (Prof. Yagi and Uda), Perpendicular magnetic recording system (Prof. Iwasaki), Flash memory (Prof. Masuoka), etc., contribute to creating new society. You will be able to engage in cutting edge research and to get education in Tohoku University.
  3. Nature-Rich Campus & “College Town Sendai”
    Sendai is known as the “City of Trees”, and the main avenues are lined with rows of beautiful zelkova trees. The history of Sendai city has begun since the beginning of 17th century, and there are traditional events and festivals throughout the year, allowing you to enjoy each of the four seasons. You will be able to feel “Japan” thorough the seasons and traditional cultures in Sendai. The SoE-TU is located on a nature-rich hill in the city. You will be able to deepen academics and research in the wonderful campus.

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