Coordinator: Qiang CHEN
Professor, Dr.
Department of Communications Engineering
School of Engineering

Qiang CHEN




  • Students who have completed at least two years at TESP-EEE partner institutions (junior, senior, and master’s students)
  • Fluent in English
  • Background knowledge

* TESP-EEE partner institutions are selected by the EEE professors depending on their research connections. Please note that it is different from Tohoku University’s partner institutions.

Lab Visits & Experience

Participants are expected to attend all lectures below.

  • Laboratory of Microphotonics
  • Laboratory of Wireless Information Technology
  • Laboratory of Electromagnetic Engineering

Hands-on Activity

Design and make a prototype of a smart wireless power transfer system which can generate solar power and transfer the power wirelessly using microwave.

Sample schedule

* Contents are subject to change

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