Coordinator: Kyosuke YOSHIMI
Professor, Dr.
Department of Materials Science
School of Engineering





  • Graduate level students of TESP-SMEC partner institutions
  • Fluent in English
  • Background knowledge

* Graduate level defines those who have the bachelor’s degree or have completed the first three years of five-year bachelor + master’s integrated program.

* TESP-SMEC partner institutions are selected by the SMEC professors depending on their research connections. Please note that it is different from Tohoku University’s partner institutions.


  • Alloy Design and ThermoCalc Training
  • Alloy Synthesis by Arc Melting
  • Spark-Plasma Sintering
  • Specimen Preparation Training
  • Microstructure Observation and Analysis by Optical and Scanning Electron Microscopy and X-ray Diffractometry
  • Nanoindentation and Vickers Hardness
  • Tensile and Compression Tests


Phases Diagrams, Crystallography, Plastic Deformation, Lattice Defect Theory, Fracture and Fatigue Mechanics, High-Temperature Materials and Applications, etc.

Field Trips

Participants of SMEC and BMEC have a joint field trip besides the original TESP field trip.

Sample schedule

* Contents are subject to change

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